CAISER : Computer Assisted Event Processor


CAISER is a platform technology that can be used to create application or system for integrated automatic event detection, processing & management and executing the necessary mitigation action. 


Currently, the availability of heterogeneous information from millions of devices around us is not optimally utilized to develop intelligent applications to solve our everyday problems. For example, we have hundreds of CCTV installed in a building, but yet we are not able to utilize the information to detect human activities and manage the lighting and air-conditioning application automatically to reduce energy consumption for the building. CAISER inspire to enable users to make use of available information, integrate the information, identify relevant events and take mitigation action for various optimization action. 


  • Current Complex Event Processing (CEP) tools tailored for non-engineering and non-scientific application.
  • Existing CEP tools are complicated to be used to develop applications and solutions for engineering and scientific application. 


  • Equipped with hardware and software adapters that can be combined together with a CEP based event detection engine to develop applications and solutions quickly.


CAISER was used to develop many applications , including:

  • Early Warning and Notification System
  • Network Facility (Server Room / Communication Room / Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Home / Office Automation
  • Pump Operation Monitoring and Control System
  • Smart Environment Monitoring and Control System
  • Smart Ambient System Fuse and Analyse CCTV.
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Vending Machine Monitoring System


CAISER is copyright protected and trademarks for product protection. The Early Warning and Notification System (Sistem Notifikasi & Amaran Awal, SONAR) , a CEP based network facility monitoring system developed using CAISER for Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPJ) is a symbol of success and recognition of CAISER. SONAR has been successfully used to monitor the network facility (server farm, telecommunication rooms, network stability) for PPJ that manages Putrajaya (the Malaysian Government’s administrative capital city) and directly benefitting more than 80,000 inhabitants of Putrajaya and all Malaysian government agencies and ministries in Putrajaya. The SONAR has been in operation since 2013 without fail and runs 24 hours per day & 365 days per year. It processes in average 34 million sensor reading and thousands of events per day. 


  • Agriculture Industry
  • Communications Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education
  • Farming
  • Green Industry
  • Service Industry
  • Heavy Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Information Technology Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Service Industry

TRL : 9

Project Leader : Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Hanif Md Saad

Co-Researcher : Prof. Dr Aini Hussain

Dept./Fac./Inst : Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment UKM

Expertise : Intelligent Systems, IoT , Complex Event Processing