iDietScoreTM is a sports nutrition mobile app that provide virtual individualized meal plan based on athletes and active individuals  profile, includes energy and macronutrients requirement, sports category, different age groups, training cycles, training time and individual food preferences.


Previous development of DietScoreTM 1.0 sports nutrition mobile app had limited features of dietary recommendation such as individualized meal plan and focus only on adult athletes and active individuals. 


  • Meal planning is one of the nutrition counseling strategies that improve athlete’s nutrition status.
  • It is one of the techniques to deliver nutrition knowledge in a more practical way.
  • In the sports setting, the number of experts (sports dietitians or nutritionists) are small, and the demand for creating meal planning to a huge number of athletes, often cannot be met.  Moreover, traditional meal planning development using pen and paper is time-consuming.


  • Rule-based expert system that mimic how sports dietitian developing meal plan for their athletes.
  • Multi-institutional app that enable the user registration based on their institutions and monitored by respective nutritionist. 


  • iDietScoreTM  provide athletes with sets of meal planning at any place and time as most athletes were frequent travelers for their sport’s training and competition. 
  • The food suggested in the meal plan is based on Malaysian local food and individual food preferences. 
  • iDietScoreTM not only benefits adult athletes that training at the sports institute but it can be used by recreational athletes from children to adolescents age categories or active individuals.
  • The gym owners or any sports club managers may suggest or provide their members with iDietScoreTM mobile app in guiding the nutrient intake through meal planning features. 
  • In the future. iDietScoreTM app can be used by other countries as the food data based can be expanded to suite the countries local food.


Increase the reliability and accessibility of sports nutrition knowledge, individualized dietary advice for athletes and active individuals and Sustainability Development Goal (SDG 3): Good Health and Well-being.  


Health, nutrition and fitness industries eg. Local and international fitness centres, sports institutes and sports clubs.

TRL : 7

Project Leader : Prof. Madya Dr. Dr Nik Shanita binti Safii (FSK, UKMx)

Co-Researcher : Ts. Dr Abd. Hadi bin Abd. Rahman (FTSM, UKM), Mohd Izham bin Mohamad (ISN), Norashikin binti Mustafa (FSK, UKM / IIUM), Ts. Dr Nor Samsiah binti Sani (FTSM, UKM), Dr. Azimah binti Ahmad (UPNM), Prof. Dr Poh Bee Koon (FSK, UKM), Prof. Dr Ruzita Ab. Talib (FSK, UKM), Noor Hafizah binti Yatiman (FSK, UKM), Ahmad Zawawi bin Zakaria (ISN)

Dept./Fac./Inst : Faculty of Health Sciences

Expertise : Sports nutrition, glycemic index of food & nutritional status assessment for specific groups.