InnoqiblaTM: Qibla Finder


The INNOQIBLA system is proposed to facilitate the process of determining and marking the Qibla direction inside building. Acceleration sensors and gyroscopes are used to detect the position of the north angle where this method does not require the sun as a guide to detect the north direction. The data or readings obtained are combined through low and high pass filters as input to the processing centre of the microcomputer unit which output will generate a signal and in turn control and ensure the movement of the laser light is at the desired Qibla angle and in turn control the rotational movement to point at the Qibla angle more accurately and easily.


During the construction of the new FKAB building, during the determination of the direction of Qibla, it takes about a week to finish. This is because the building is located on a hill, making it difficult to transfer the Qibla from outside, into the building. In addition, the weather during that time is always raining, cloudy weather, making it difficult to find the sun. Thus, InnoQibla is born.


The direction of Qibla plays a very important role in the life of a Muslim. Apart from being a guide during prayers, community activities such as slaughtering animals, burying corpses and building houses also emphasize the direction of Qibla.. In Malaysia, JAKIM is the body that is fully responsible for determining the direction of Qibla, especially for suraus, mosques, and buildings that require the correct direction of Qibla. A deviation of one degree from the direction of determination in Malaysia can cause a deviation of tens of kilometers from the actual position of the Kaaba due to Malaysia’s long distance from Mecca. JAKIM mainly use theodolite in order to find the direction of Qibla due to its high accuracy. However, theodolite uses the position of the sun thus it need to be used in an open area and need a highly skilled personnel to be operated. It also cost ten thousands of ringgit. Therefore, an accurate and mobile Qibla finder is needed which can be used even inside buildings.


InnoQibla is a low cost, high accuracy, compact and mobile Qibla finder which can be used inside building and takes less than 30 minutes to search for the direction of Qibla.


  • Relevant bodies that are officially responsible in determining the direction of Qibla in Islamic countries (JAKIM in Malaysia).
  • Developers of housing, building and infrastructure who require an accurate reading of the Qibla direction inside the building.
  • The committee of mosques and suraus in Islamic countries that require the determination of the correct Qibla direction from time to time.
  • The determination of the direction of Qibla at home, in areas where the direction of Qibla is not stated, during community activities such as slaughtering cattle and burial of corpses, and others.


The system is able to facilitate the work of marking the Qibla in rooms such as hotels, offices, prayer rooms, residential houses and Islamic cemeteries in a simple, fast and easy way. The developed mobile system facilitates all parties in performing tasks without the need for expert manpower with high accuracy.


  • Relevant Bodies that determine Qibla direction (JAKIM)
  • Developers (Housing, Building and Infrastructure)
  • Mosques’ and suraus’ committee

TRL : 5

Project Leader : Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Norhana Arsad

Co-Researcher : Dr. Hasliza Ariffin, Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Ashrif A Bakar, Prof. Madya Dr Badariah Bais Dr Afida Ayob, Dr Mohd Salful Dzulkefly Zan and Dr Noorfazila Kamal

Dept./Fac./Inst : Department of Electric, Electronic and System

Expertise : Photonic Technology, Optic Sensor, Optic Spectroscopy and Optic Communication